Artist's Statement

Dave Francis, PSA

15 Kvale Lane

Hudson Falls, NY 12839 


I am a self-taught artist, although I am continually expanding my knowledge and abilities through private study.
          I started my art career doing pastel portraits from photographs and then started developing a unique style in my landscape work. I continually strive for more realistic imagery while trying to maintain a "painterly" approach in my work.
          I have been painting professionally for about twenty-five years. My current style has evolved into an impressionistic approach. My work has been described as "impressionistic realism" and although I like that term, I feel a more apt description would be "imagined realism". I apply small bits of color over a solid tone under painting and allow them to optically mix creating the final image. I try to keep my palette very simple and work with at least three values of each color used.

My most recent work has been an exploration of the still life genre. I feel that still life paintings do not have to be boring, repetitive works of flowers, vases, and such items. I take nontraditional items such as children's toys, blocks, bricks, almost anything I can find and use them as subject matter. I feel that I inject a lot of my personality and sense of humor into these pieces, which are new and exciting for me.

In September of 2003, I was elected to Signature Membership with the Pastel Society of America and, in November of 2005 I was invited to become a member of the Guild of Adirondack Artists.

My work has been included in nine national pastel exhibitions and I have recently been awarded the Outstanding Still Life Award at the Fourth Annual Northeast National Pastel Exhibition and The Pastel Journal Award at the Fifth Annual National Pastel Exhibition in Old Forge, NY.


David E. Francis, PSA

Dave Francis Studio

15 Kvale Lane, Hudson Falls, NY 12801